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34 years of experience leading BIRDING AND NATURE tours in Costa Rica, Central America and South America. Freddy´s expertise is mainly in the area of birding, wildlife, birding/nature photography and tropical biology, but he has vast experience in cultural tours, rural tourism, nature and adventure as well. Birds have been his passion for three decades, His wealth of knowledge will now be used for your benefit, together with his leadership and ability to run smooth, productive and successful expeditions.

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Freddy Madrigal Birding Photo Expeditions

Hello friends! My name is Freddy Madrigal and I am a wildlife photographer from Costa Rica. I specialize in Birding Photo Expeditions both in my homeland, and in neighboring Central or South American countries.

When I invite photographers to join me on a Freddy Madrigal Birding Photo Expedition, I sometimes ask myself why clients would choose MY seminar from among all the others that may be advertised.

My answer to that question is, first and foremost, EXPERIENCE. I have spent most of my adult life doing the thing that I love most, and that is immersing myself in nature - learning her secrets, rhythms, mysteries and beauty. That, and then capturing what I see in quality images that inspire and invite others to join me in the adventure. Over the years, doing what I LOVED MOST became, simply, what I do BEST!

For more than three decades I have immersed myself in this life of discovery and photographic reflection of what I see. And each year I learn MORE, for nature has endless secrets to reveal to those who truly seek them out – and I DO seek them out! Thus I have more and more to share with others who want to discover exotic, exceptional nature subjects to photograph, and exotic birds in particular. My passion and joy in teaching others will make your experience in my Birding Photo Expedition a truly unforgettable experience.

There are three key benefits that my customers can expect in every Birding Photo Expedition that I lead:

Let us know if you are traveling as an organized, individual or private group. We can design the best itinerary for you, based on your available time, wish list and budget.


I mean by understanding that I seek to understand YOU before you even arrive in my country for an expedition. The purchase of a tour with Birding Photo Expeditions is not actually the beginning of my company’s relationship with a customer; in fact, it is quite the contrary. A customer’s relationship with my company begins when they first learn of my UNIQUE BRAND. Usually that is by word-of-mouth from clients who found that their time spent with me exceeded even their HIGHEST EXPECTATIONS.

Understanding also means my relationship with customers does not end with their initial participation in a Birding Photo Expedition. My Customers’ success in capturing extraordinary images of rare and exotic species typically only whets their appetite for more. I get letters and posts from clients all over the world who want to sign on for their next birding photo adventure. I am truly amazed and humbled by the loyalty and friendships that have been extended to me by my customers.

By understanding, I also mean my overall awareness of my clients’ needs, hopes and expectations. I recognize the effort my clients make to reach this part of the world, not only in time expended but in physical and economical investment as well. Many of my clients come from Asia and I have learned over the years that they often want to take advantage of every moment of light and make every minute count. They want to return home with an EXTENSIVE list of birds and other flora and fauna beautifully captured in magnificent images - images suitable for media use, for travelogues, or as “Nature’s art” to be hung on a wall of their office or home.

Understanding this, my clients can expect virtually non-stop shooting from the moment they set foot in our country. Of course, clients may control their own schedule to some extent, and take an hour to catch their breath here and there, but the reality is most of my clients are what I laughingly call “shooting machines!” They want to capture every species they possibly can in the limited time they have. Knowing this, I deliver NON-STOP OPPORTUNITIES for clients to find and photograph what they came to see. That’s when they discover for themselves why my Birding Photo Expeditions attract repeat customers, and why some have even created custom-designed private tours with my consultation and guidance.

Let me just say that, if you want a relaxed, free-time-filled, get-up-late-in-the-morning kind of tour, a Freddy Madrigal Birding Photo Expedition is NOT for you! Come with me and I GUARANTEE that you will not sit around with nothing to do. And for those who desire an absolute MAXIMUM exposure to the birds and beauty of our country, you can trust me to deliver start-to-finish every second, every hour, every day


Service is how I show my customers that I value their business.

First, I respond to contacts as quickly as possible. If you inquire about a Birding Photo Expedition you can expect to hear from me in 24 hours or less from your initial contact. I know how annoying it is to reach out for information and then wait for days before hearing back. With my company you can expect to hear back in a very timely manner.

Second, my photographic expeditions are tailored 100% to the requirements and needs of my clients. These expeditions are about YOUR needs and desires, not mine. When we talk by phone or exchange texts or emails, I will answer your questions, provide relevant details and help you to become fully prepared for the photo adventure that awaits.

Third, when the inevitable surprise or obstacle arises along the way, I take action immediately. My years of leading tour groups and expeditions (many with well-known global travel companies, as well as my own) have prepared me to respond to almost every contingency. If a problem arises, you can believe that I’ve probably seen it before and know what to do to fix it and get us back on track to full enjoyment. I decisively and effectively address problems that arise.

Fourth, you will find that I not only quickly address issues or problems that can ambush a trip, but I also “go the extra mile” - on the ground, and in real time - to make your expedition as rich and fulfilling as possible. Because I value your trust in me to deliver what I promise, you can expect me to go over-and-above to meet your needs, not just fulfill an itinerary as it was written. 

That means when circumstances call for adjustments to schedule or a site, I choose the best option available given the conditions - in consultation with the group itself - even when it requires extra effort or energy from me, your trip leader. That is my commitment to you as my valued customer.

Fifth, as I mentioned earlier, I value, and strive to maintain, long-term customer relationships. Your first trip with Birding Photo Expeditions is just the beginning of shared friendship and a mutual interest in finding those dream photos to enjoy and share with others. Your happiness is my reason for doing this and I will provide almost endless opportunities for you to ACHIEVE THE BEST EXOTIC BIRD PHOTOGRAPHS YOU HAVE EVER TAKEN.


Finally, let me share some facts about my expertise as a wildlife photographer and Natural History guide. My 33 years of experience includes my beloved homeland, Costa Rica, of course, but ALSO a number of other countries in South America. Repeated expeditions over the years has given me the depth of experience to know where to find that hidden or rare species that you are looking for.

I KNOW the birds we want to photograph, and I understand their habits and habitats. I know their names, both formal and common. I know their calls and songs. I recognize their flight characteristics even from a distance, and I know their mating and feeding habits. I identify birds in their male and female manifestations. I know where to find them and how to call them.

I only need YOU to complete the unique experience of observing these beautiful wonders of nature.

As a longtime wildlife photographer, I understand your photography needs and expectations. And as one born into and raised in the tropical ecosystems of Costa Rica, I know intuitively the textures and tones, the smells and sounds, the sights and flavors of this amazingly rich environment. But that is only the foundation of my ability to serve as a Natural History guide, for I have also studied these lands and their ecology with passion and diligence from my childhood.

I want you to know that I CARE about the environment around me and will help you care for it in new and creative ways.

I want you to know that I CARE about people, because my life has been immeasurably enriched by the friendships and adventures I have shared with individuals from diverse places and cultures around the world.

I know you will see how much I CELEBRATE the beauty and living-giving powers of nature; and I’m confident that you will find me to be a very passionate guide and instructor about the marvelous environments we visit and photograph together.

To sum it all up, I will serve you with the professionalism that you need and deserve in such an extraordinary expedition.

And that is why you will find a Freddy Madrigal Birding Photo Expedition to be an incomparable experience, and an unmatched value!

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